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Interesting facts about me

Ok so my name would be Cait, (Kate), only i spell it different, obviously. Whatever. So I am 19 years old from Galway in good old Ireland. Not much good about it says you.
I am currently at uni studying social work. ILOVEIT.
Im boy crazy, actually im a bit crazy myself, life isnt long and i learned you should live it to its fullest :] I smile for no reason, my laugh sounds like a dying pig, im a bed hogger dont sleep with me or one of us will end up on the floor, I dont wake up for anything, im not a morning person, my hair is always a mess, im probably the most clumsiest person on the planet! but im happy so its okay. I'm sooper dooper weird so you just gotta get used to it, shopping is my addiction, i like hugs, kisses too. I love music and singing especially Alicia Keys ILOVEHER. Im a sucker for sad films. I cry like a baby. Beaches is my favourite and of corse PS I love you, but i prefer the book. ILOVETHEBEACH too. Well not irish beaches. They are wet. Try Hawaii. I am terrified of spiders. We just dont mix.
I have thee most wonderful boyfriend in the whooole wide world called Jason. He's soo sexii if i do say so myself! and a beautiful baby girl MYA. She is 5weeks old and ILOVEHER <33
OK i can go on for years here. Lets just skip to the boring stuff...
I was diagnosed two weeks ago with a malignant tumor in my brain. Of corse my initial symptom was a headache which I ignored for a while until it go so bad I stayed in my bed all day with the lights off, curtains closed. NO NOISE ALOUD! Then my vision was starting to go so i took a trip to my optician and they told me that there were increased pressure. Then also began to have seizures which we wernt so worried about because I only had a few and I have epilepsy anyway. After all this i eventually got a spinal tap, MRI and an angiogram (sorry if i spelled that wrong) and yes of corse my worst nightmare came true it showed i had cancer. I am getting stereotactic radiation therapy for 6 weeks and then chemo therapy. They told me "surgery is not an option at this moment"
My biggest fear of having this is that there is a possibility that i wont get to see my baby girl grow up. I really dont wanna let that happen and I'm going to try my best not to so for the moment I just have to wait and see. The best thing I can do for myself is stay strong, stay positive and

Mi fone. Sleepin in late. Money. My baby girl Mya . Hollyoaks. Home n away. Goin on holidays. Alaina. Me frends. Maryland cookies. Doin sumfing fun. Textin. Posin. Jammies. Putter. Goin out. Hannah montana. Saturdays. Toast. Rachels ipod. Gettin all dun up. Havin a bit a craic. Loud music. Msn. Memories. Talkin to old frends. Havin smart days. Unperfection.

Things nat goin ryt. Bad hair days. Hangovers. Bein sick. Racist ppl. Spots. Cuts. Scars. Patchy make-up. Gettin up early. Nail polish that dnt come off easy. Clothes nat fittin no more. Mi fone wen its dead. Nat bein able t text. Losin stuff. Wee bois at act lyk rats. (to be nice) Bein stuck in the house wen i want t go out. Things not matchin. Smart ppl. Sarcasim dnt understand it.

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